Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Back in January we decided this would be the year we exposed the kids to Jellystone. As you probably know we love to camp and we figured the kids would love the campsite.

Let me start by saying when we drove up early on Friday afternoon that we were so excited. When checking in, we were advised that we would have an escort to our campsites. Sounds good!!!. Well shortly thereafter we learned that we had an escort because the site was so small no normal person would be able to park their pop up there. The site was awful. We were right on the street and our neighbors were right on top of us. Site aside, the kids did have fun.
They got tattoos

We overdosed Keaghan on Benedryl (accidentally)

Made X-mas ornaments (theme was Christmas in July)

Went on a wagon (ok Keaghan and Morgan did, Kaitlynn and Gavin wimped out) with Yogi.
Acted goofy

And went to a dance
Overall it was an ok trip but not what we are used to when it comes to camping.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun Sunday

We had a great start to our Sunday. We picked up grandpa and then went to the pool. Oh no, not just any pool but H2O'Brien pool. This pool has it all water slides for the kids and the adults water shooters you name it.

Keaghan loved going down the slides she must have done it 20 times but alas, the poor parent that I am I didn't take any pictures of that (in all fairness I was in the water with the two little ones). We also had the pleasant surprise of running into the Welo's there. The Welo's are dear friends of ours who we don't get to see very often.

Keaghan had a ton of fun playing with Joshua and it was nice chatting with Kathleen and Rob even if it was just for a bit.

Tim and the kids

Kaitlynn and Grandpa

The kids

The only bad part of the pool was that I appear to have missed my back with sunscreen.

Once we came home we discovered that Gavin has 2 huge canker sores in his mouth. I googled it and determined it was probably from some ingredient in the new toothpaste I bought them. Thank God for Anbesol.

We then got to have a quick visit with our friends the Burch's who just got back from a great vacation. Then bath's and a quick puzzle before bed time. As you can see below, the kids were so excited to have finished their puzzle.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Back

I think we can all agree that it has been some time (almost (or over) 2 months). I have decided not to go crazy give you all the updates. I will just start new. On July 11th Keaghan and I had the opportunity to spend a mom/daughter day. We started out at a baby shower for Aunt Vickie (the sister of their previous day care provider). From there we had a bunch of time to kill so we went to see Ice Age (I need to mention that we had no idea where we were going and must have walked a 1000 miles). And lastly we went to the Rockies game. We go every year when the Braves play the Rockies. We are fortunate enough to work with a guy that buys season tickets and knows that we like this match up. We even splurge for the really good seats behind home plate. Well much to Keaghan's dismay my Braves beat her Rockies this game. However the series was split.

Also really cool was the sign that I had made is up in the ballpark for the first time (as you may or may not know, I manage the brand for R.H. Donnelley). Here are some pictures of that as well.

Keaghan and Ajunay (i'm sure I spelled that wrong) at the baby shower

Keaghan outside the ball park


My sign top left (plus as an added bonus a good shot of Chipper Jones' butt)

The girls enjoying the game.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soccer Pictures

April 24th was a busy day. We had soccer pictures then a really cold soccer game and finally a soccer clinic for Kaitlynn (which we skipped due to said coldness). While I don't have Keaghan's soccer picture (not allowed to take), I do have some of Kaitlynn and Gavin on that day. You'll recall I did say April 24th and yes they are wearing snow hats.

Gavin gets a haircut

So I take Keaghan to the allergy doctor a few weeks ago and while there, I get a call from Tim.... So when are you going to be home he says. About an hour I reply. Okay I have started cutting my hair and I need your help was his final reply.

Well imagine my surprise when I get home and find out that not only has Tim cut his hair but he has taken a stab at Gavins as well.
A couple of bright spots... 1)This really happened 3 weeks ago 2)It's only hair and it does (and has) grown back and 3) He is already in need of another haircut (of which I will be supervising).

Uncle Scott's visit

We recently had Tim's brother Scott visit us for a few weeks. It was nice getting caught up and the kid's had a blast with him. We now think Uncle Scott is back in California and look forward to a visit again over there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What an awesome snowy day

Well we finally got that good (and much needed) snow storm of the year. While Keaghan's school stayed open, Our office closed at 2:30 ish on Friday. Well it continued to snow/rain all night and pretty much all day today.
We decided to take advantage of the 8-10 inches we got and went sleding by the drainage thingy a couple of houses behind us. It is a really small hill which was good for the kids. One thing we did come to terms with was that none of our kids are remotely equiped for snowy weather.

Keaghan had to wear a snow suit that is a 4T. She wears a 6-7 bottom and 7-8 or 10-12 top. Nice. You'll notice her red soccer socks.

Oh wait... Gavin had to wear a size 2 snow suit.

Kaitlynn, when we could stop her from running around in her underwear was the only one that had a suit that fit.

Next you'll see Tim totaly decked out

30 minutes after we started getting everyone dressed we made it out of the house. We had to pack down the snow with a couple of trial runs.

Next came the real "thrills"


Next we made a snowman.

Once we'd had enough, we went inside to warm up and have some hot chocolate. Keep in mind this is the first time Gavin and Kaitlynn have had hot cocoa.

Classy huh?