Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Back in January we decided this would be the year we exposed the kids to Jellystone. As you probably know we love to camp and we figured the kids would love the campsite.

Let me start by saying when we drove up early on Friday afternoon that we were so excited. When checking in, we were advised that we would have an escort to our campsites. Sounds good!!!. Well shortly thereafter we learned that we had an escort because the site was so small no normal person would be able to park their pop up there. The site was awful. We were right on the street and our neighbors were right on top of us. Site aside, the kids did have fun.
They got tattoos

We overdosed Keaghan on Benedryl (accidentally)

Made X-mas ornaments (theme was Christmas in July)

Went on a wagon (ok Keaghan and Morgan did, Kaitlynn and Gavin wimped out) with Yogi.
Acted goofy

And went to a dance
Overall it was an ok trip but not what we are used to when it comes to camping.


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

This is a timely post ;-)

Banaitis 5 said...

no kidding. I'm struggling to keep up. Next up, Keaghan's first day of school.